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Available in 2024..

Ready to breed the "Old Classic Arabian" back into your breeding program?

Aura's Silvern Nuraij

(Sirel x La Margneta Aura v. Aurilla Gold)


2020 crabbet bred Arabian stallion
A/a E/e nd1/nd2 G/n
1.54 m


With his unique crabbet pedigree, Nuraij is an exception to today's breeding/bloodlines. His ancestors have proven themselves in various disciplines in the sport,  sire Sirel competed at high level dressage and earned the dressage performance predicate at the dutch studbook, dam La Margneta Aura competed endurance 80+ km and became dutch champion 2015 on 40-60 km. 

Grandfather Aurilla Gold competed at high level dressage and also earned a dressage performance predicate at the dutch studbook, he moved back from the Netherland to Engeland and was awarded with the title AHS Premium Stallion. In Nuraij's pedigree you find the well-known stallion Gomel who competed at Prix st. George level. Several brothers of dam La Margneta compete at international level CEI **** in endurance sport.

Nuraij's older half-brother, Aura's Yah'ri Nadim performs very well in the western sport, he became dutch champion western 'showmanship at halter' in 2021 and became Dutch champion western 'hunter under saddle' in 2022. Nuraij will also compete in sport in the future.

Nuraij has inherited the best of both parents. A beautiful conformation, correct strong build with good legs/feet with phenomenal movements and above all very important; a kind and gentle temperament.


Stud fee 2024: 500 euro


Live foal guarantee + 25% discount on the stud fee for proven sport mares! (endurance 80+ km, dressage M, western amateur/open)

Prices are exclusive of costs of: collecting semen (100 euro) , inseminate mare,  shipping costs, rental container, etc.

You pay 50% of the stud fee before breeding, the remaining 50% at pregnancy.


Became curious? You are most welcome to come and get to know Nuraij while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.


Nuraij has been extensively tested for genetic diseases via DNA:

Immune system: FIS, SCID, WNRV, MY  negative

Muscle disorders: GBED, HYPP, MH, MYT, PSSM1 negative

Neurologic disorders: CA, LFS, HDC, RLN negative
Skin, hoof disorders: HERDA, JEB1, JEB2, FFS, HWSD negative

Occular disorders: ERUR, ERUS, SCC negative
Skeletal disorders: D, OAAM negative
Endocirene disorders: EMS, LAM negative

Gait type: Endurance type

Temperament: Curious

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