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Yah'ri allround Amateur champion!

Allround Arabian Festival IJzerlo 2023

What a great weekend we have had! Last Friday Yah'ri and I left for Nijkerk, Country Mill Horse-Support to check his saddle. My suspicion was correct, his saddle was no longer comfortable and so I went with one rib less but a brand new western saddle towards Ijzerlo.

Saturday we had the paid warm up, pleasure and in hand trail. Yah'ri was not pleasant to ride, had some stress in the stable, but after he got Bahim from Carine as a neighbor, this was fortunately over quickly.

Bad generale is a good one.... Right?! 😅

In the evening, just like last year, we had a super well-kept bbq by the AVS, commission of use. Everything is in tip-top order again, anyway this weekend there was an amazingly nice cozy atmosphere. In 2020 Yah'ri and I started in the walk and jog class, made the transition to the beginners in 2021, where we also made our debut under the saddle in the competition ring at the end of that year, at the end of 2022 we had the points to become an Amateur start. Are we ready for that? According to our trainers Canisia and Karel, we can do this already? Don't I look crazy as a newcomer among these experienced riders?

It was an early day that morning, my nerves weren't too bad.. I was especially looking forward to it, I noticed. And to get back to 'bad generale..' Yah'ri just did it!

🥇e Hunter under saddle

🥇th Showmanship (74 points)

🥇e in hand trail (63 points)

🥈 a pleasure

🥇e Ranch riding (63.5 points)

End of the day day we also got this great title:

🏆 'All-round champion Amateur' 🏆 I never dreamed of setting

a debut like this with Yah'ri. Very satisfied, proud and with more confidence we continue, this tastes like more. 🤩

I want to thank my trainers Canisia and Karel for all the wise but especially fun lessons, without you I would never have been able to stand here at this pace.

In addition, I am extremely grateful to be part of v.d. dawra club, i feel at home, at ease and supported where needed.

Georgette, Natascha and Jildou for your encouragement, filming and taking pictures, but especially the fun during this whole weekend!

And of course the organization of the Commission Use AVS, the DAWRA without you no event like this! Thank you!

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