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2024, the start of a new season!

Last weekend we started the first competition of the 2024 season. During this all-breed competition organized by the DAWRA we started a total of 7 events. It didn't go completely smoothly, Yah'ri suffered a lot from tension, but despite that we achieved some pretty good results.

Allbreed hunter under saddle 0 score

DAWRA hunter under saddle 1e plaats

Allbreed showmanship at halter 1e plaats – 73 punt.

DAWRA showmanship at halter 1e plaats – 73,5 punt.

DAWRA in hand trail 2e plaats – 61,5 punt.

DAWRA horsemanship 0 score

Allbreed ranch riding 1e plaats – 68 punt.

DAWRA ranch riding 0 score.

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