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Laatste update: 24 september 2019

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YMJ Azibaijirah Bint Yusraa [2015]

Azi Asia is a four-year-old (fleabitten) grey mare. Sire BA Hamdhani (Raffael el Than x Baikala Monpelou mv. Nadir I) and mother Waasama's Silvana (Senior x Azila Kayyal mv. Aloum). Azi received the best from both lines. She is a strong mover! She is immediately motivated to throw up her tail and give away a show. She has a small, fine head with beautiful, big eyes. At birth she had beautiful curly hairs and she kept them.

A number of her family members characterize themselves as fine horses for use in various branches of sport. I am a proponent of making saddle broke at later age, 4 to 5 years and older, currently Azi is being broke under saddle now at Aura's sport Arabians.


Azi grew up in a mixed group with geldings and mares of all ages. This makes her a social horse, who knows her place in the group. Azi is not extremely dominant, but it is certainly not at the bottom of the group ranking. She is used to being outside day and night, but she also does great in the stable.


Azi only goes to a suitable and if possible, permanent home. Are you looking for a girlfriend for life? Then you are of course welcome to meet her. The price is negotiable to a certain extent for the perfect spot. Azi is currently based with us (North of Holland)

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