Aura's sport

Laatste update: 08-03-2020

Let me introduce myself..

Hello, my name is Michelle, 29 years old and I live with my friend Martin the north part of Holland. Here I spend hours in the woods of Schoonloo, Grolloo & Hooghalen on my horses.


My parents were already attached to the Arabian horse before I was born, they then owned Loet's Maroudine, a beautiful Russian mare by the stallion Sarouch, v. Plakat. 5 years after my birth she unfortunately had to be sold because a third child was coming and we moved to a smaller village.

When I was 13 years old we moved as family from the south part of Holland to the North part of Holland, There my parents bought 3 Arabian horses, since then I have been completely devoted to this breed.


In 2009 I bought my first own Arabian, La Margneta Aura aka Jet. In 2012 we made our debut in the Endurance, Jet turned out to be extremely suitable for the endurance and her family also performs at a high level in this sport. Unfortunately because of an accident we are now standing still for a while but hope to participate in the competitions again soon.


Since 2017 our dream to live outside with horses at home has become reality. Then I made my other dream come true,  start a small breeding / sports stable. Here I train my own horses other horses.

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