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Yah'ri takes allround title Dawra competition!

What a day.. The alarm went off at 4:15 and at 5:30 we left for Woubrugge to participate in the combined race of Dawra & Wran. Fortunately the trip went smoothly as I had nice company from Tuija.

Today we would start 5x, 3x at the Dawra and 2x at the Wran.

We started with the showmanship L4 class, Yah'ri was not there unfortunately. He felt different, withdrawn. A 6th place out of 7 participants.

Fortunately, we were able to take a 1st place out of 4 participants in the beginners class for the resit at the dawra.

After this the in-hand trail, L4 wran, a neat 3rd place of 6.

At the in-hand trail dawra beginners we had a very tough course, Yah'ri went through it super tough and I was more than satisfied. 4th place.

After this the highlight of the day, 1 month ago there was only just a handlebar on it.. Trained a lot and he really surprises me with his progress.. We have taken the plunge and are under it saddle started in the western pleasure beginners class vd Dawra.

Driving into a busier arena he did like a pro outside and also in the inner arena he took his moment of rest while waiting for our turn. Together with Monica and her beautiful mare Vanny we entered the ring. He did so well, I'm super proud. Be able to take all the courses and thus get a placement. 2nd place!

Once home after the long drive back we got the surprising news that we have become ALLROUND champion beginners of this day at the Dawra

Now reminisce. Tuija thank you so much for your help, the beautiful photos and the fun.

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