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Yah'ri & Azi endurance

Today we had the practice endurance of Cool Runnings Endurance Education on the program, together with Marleen on Azi and Lianne with her horse Fay. For the first time transport with the truck for Yah'ri and Azi what they really did as pro's! Fay went along in our trailer and so we drove behind each other towards the Drents Friese wold. I was quite a bit nervous, Yah'ri is not always the easiest outside but behaved great, wonderful to ride and for the most part we trotted and galloped pieces. For the first time i cooled Yah'ri with bottles, he did so nice. The horses ran nicely together, Lianne and Fay were at the forefront most of the time. The forest was beautiful 🍄🍁 The three of us crossed the finish line and gave us a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. 💪 proud of the beautiful low heart rates of Yah'ri, preference 43, immediately upon arrival finish 49 and post-inspection 44. Super satisfied Photo by

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