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Azi's first endurance competition.

So very proud of Manon and Azi, Manon came to us as a 12 year old girl with the question if she could take care of the horses. And today, almost 5 years later, she is making their debut in endurance together with our 6-year-old Azi.

Early this morning we went that way and arrived at the site at 8:00 AM, Azi and Manon would start at 9:44 AM together with Hinke and her topper Jaimy. We still had plenty of time to let Azi get used to the other horses and the competition area, where it was getting busier and busier.

At the preference Azi had a decent heart rate of 47 and she was well examined, the lead trot also went well. In the meantime Baukje also arrived for a nice day of grooming. A little later Hinke and Jaimy also arrived and after they were approved they could really start, which went super smoothly.

During the groom point, the two happy faces of Azi and Manon made me very happy, so in their element. Her parents also came to have a look and Baukje cooled Azi in the meantime. After this Hinke and Manon went on again, the class I group became a big group so this was close for a while but Azi remained soooo relaxed.

Unfortunately, they just took the last turn wrong on the route, so they drove 2 km above 25 km, but they managed to finish neatly and we could immediately offer Azi with a heart rate of 56. On the terrain at the finish she could immediately enjoy under the sprayer and then on to the trailer for some food.

At the post-examination Azi had a nice heart rate of 40 and she was also fully approved, with a beautiful first fat card in our pocket and a profit point richer we went home again.

Ik heb genoten v.d. dag. Baukje bedankt voor het prachtige shirt voor Manon, je hulp en gezelligheid! Hinke ontzettend bedankt voor het begeleiden van Manon en Azi bij hun eerste wedstrijd en uiteraard ook de organisatie voor deze topdag!

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