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11/9 Al Jassimya Amateur Challenge

Today we participated with 2 horses in the Al Jassimya Amateur Challenge in Exloo, organized by the Arabian thoroughbred studbook.

First of all I started with Yah'ri in the part in hand trail Novice. He was so nice, so focused and very good. He had never seen this box with so much fuss before but followed so cool!

Here we achieved a 1st place out of 11 combinations!

Then quickly home to pick up Jet, Brenda would start Jet in the Classic Pleasure & Hunter Pleasure parts. Once we arrived there, it turned out that the program was running late and we had to start earlier than previously indicated. Because of this we could no longer drive Jet warm and Jet was quite hot while driving v.d. Classic pleasure. Yet they achieved a neat 4th place out of 6. Then quickly switch to hunter outfit and then immediately back into the track, this time Jet had already seen the track for a while and she had warmed up. Brenda drove her very well and I am so very proud of these two, they achieved a neat 1st place v.d. 4.

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