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La Margneta Aura

Aurilla Gold x Blittersdijk Celerina

La Margneta Aura aka Jet is a crabbet bred mare, Michelle bought her as a 2 year old in 2009, she was looking for a young athletic mare for the sport. In 2012 they started in the endurance sport for the first time and Jet turned out to be extremely suitable for this, they won the title 'NL endurance champion (40-80 km)' in 2015! She also obtained the title 'NL champion B dressage 2016'.

Unfortunately due to an accident (2016), her endurance career is currently standing still and she is being used for breeding.

La Margneta Aura carries a large amount of rare crabbet blood, 76.96% to be exact! At the moment she is the only mare in the Netherlands with such a large amount of crabbet blood! In 2020 she took 1st place in the senior mare class at the crabbet winter festival organized by The Crabbet Organization in a major section.

Her crabbet sire Aurilla Gold is a very versatile stallion when it comes to sport and show, he obtained a 2nd premium at the AVS and is classified Z2 dressage (+ sport predicate). His offspring stands out in the sport, especially in endurance. A few years ago, Aurilla Gold moved back to England, his native country, to be used again for crabbet breeding. Here he was awarded the title AHS Premium Stallion at a later age in 2019.

Legendary names such as Kilimandscharo(Elite), Gomel (Keur, Z dressage + sport predicate), Scapino BB (Z dressage/racing sport + sport predicate) can be found in her bloodline on her mother's side. Mother Celerina also carries a larger amount of crabbet blood with mainly Russian blood via her father Scapino BB.

Many crabbet related half-brothers have started their international endurance career very successfully, such as Lightning rose CEI *** (160 km), Misty Midnight CEI** (120 km) Whispered Hope QA CEI*** (160 km) and San Juan CEI *** (160km) qualified. In addition, half-brother Aurilla Rose successfully completed his first Z1 dressage competition in 2020.

La Margneta's young son, Yah'ri Nadim won his first champion title 'Junior Champion 2020' in 2020 at the Crabbet winter show of the crabbet organisation, at the same show her other son Silvern Nuraij was awarded the title 'Junior reserve Champion' title as a foal. In 2021 Yah'ri won the title 'Dutch Champion showmanship at halter 2021' at the western NK vd DAWRA and last year (2022) he won the title 'Dutch Champion Hunter under saddle'.


Show/sport results

Z1 dressage qualified

Endurance 80+ km


1st place hunter pleasure - Al Jassimya Amateur Challenge - Exloo '21

1st place senior mares - Crabbet winter festival '21
1st place crabbet senior mares - quarantine arab show '20

2nd place ridden class AVS National Championship Show  'Hunter' - Exloo '20

3 place ridden class AVS National Championship Show 'western' - Exloo '20

Dutch CHAMPION B dressuur. (AVS) '16

3 place ridden class AVS show 'classic'​ - Ermelo '16 ​

Klasse III Endurance + 1 wp (80 + km)

Dutch CHAMPION Endurance klasse II '15


General Gold

Aurilla Gold

Elegant Gold

Bright Marina

Silver Scimitar

Silver Auriole

Silver Aura


Blittersdijk Celerina

Scapino BB








Show/sport results progeny

Aura's Yah'ri Nadim (v. Yanour Hayati)
National ECAHO champion hunter under saddle 2023

Dutch allround CHAMPION amateur/open 2023

Dutch CHAMPION Western - Horsemanship DAWRA 2023

Dutch CHAMPION Western - showmanship DAWRA 2023

Dutch CHAMPION Western - hunter under saddle DAWRA 2023

Highpoint Champion - Western showmanship at halter Novice 2022
Highpoint Champion - Hunter under saddle Novice 2022
Reserve allround champion title - NK 2022

Dutch CHAMPION Western - hunter under saddle DAWRA 2022

Highpoint Champion - Western showmanship at halter Novice 2021

Allround champion title - Dawra fall show 2021

Dutch CHAMPION Western showmanship at halter DAWRA 2021

 Junior CHAMPION 2020  -  Crabbet winter festival


Aura's Silvern Nuraij (v. Sirel)

reserve CHAMPION 2021 - The crabbet organisation Spring festival

1st place youngstock class - The crabbet organisation Spring festival

Junior res. CHAMPION 2020 - The crabbet organisation

1st place foal class - The crabbet organisation

1st place crabbet class - Arab quarantaine show  

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