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Aura's Yah'ri Nadim

Yanour Hayati x La Margneta Aura

Pedigree: Sire Yanour was rewarded with a 3rd premium at the AVS, became 'Europian Gold Champion Ridden Stallions' in 2015. In 2016 he achieved the title 'overall Hunter Pleasure Champion' & 'Silver champion senior stallions' in Houten where he scored the highest points for movement!

Yanour started competing endurance in 2016, August 2019 he successfully started his first international competition in England at the CEI*, making him now CEI** qualified.

Yanour's sire JK Catalyst, 1st premium stallion, has several children who do well in endurance, such as daughter Ffayietta CEI*** (160 km) and winner of the Endurance Master Award, another daughter Phara Diba CEI**. (120 km) Mother Yentl is endurance class II and does mainly well in the western, she became international amateur champion western pleasure and 2x reserve champion national western pleasure.

Through both parents, sport and show blood flows through Yanour's veins, names such as Padron Psyche, Victoria II, RSD victory, Bey Shah, 2x Padron via father's line and via mother's line Menes 3x, Abakan, Nizjni and several times the well-known stallion Priboj. A portion of crabbet blood is also given to Yah'ri via both lines via the stallions Priboj and Padron. To be precise, Yah'ri carries 53.63% crabbet blood.


Mother La Margneta Aura completed her first class III competition well in 2015, became 'Dutch Champion endurance class II' that year, in 2016 she obtained the title 'Dutch Champion Dressage B' and won the bronze medal in a tough ridden class at the AVS. In 2020 she took 1st place in the senior mare crabbet class, organized by The Crabbet organisation. Her family is doing very well in endurance, Lightning rose CEI *** (160km), Misty Midnight CEI** (120km) Whispered Hope QA CEI*** (160km) and San Juan CEI*** (160km) qualified. In addition, half-brother Aurilla Rose successfully completed his first Z1 dressage competition in 2020.

La Margneta Aura's crabbet sire Aurilla Gold is a very versatile stallion when it comes to sport and show, he obtained a 2nd premium at the AVS and is classified Z2 dressage (+ sport predicate). His offspring stand out in sport, especially in endurance. A few years ago, Aurilla Gold moved back to England, his native country, to be used again for crabbet breeding. Here he was awarded the title AHS Premium Stallion at a later age in 2019.

Through grandmother's side, the legendary Russian names such as Scapino BB (Z dressage/racing sport) Gomel (Keur, sport predicate, Z dressage), Kilimandscharo (Elite)  can be found in his bloodline.


Show/sport results

Western level Amateur/open

Endurance 40 km qualified
L1 Dressage qualified

Highpoint CHAMPION '23 - Western showmanship at halter Amatuer

Highpoint CHAMPION '23 - Western Hunter under saddle Amateur

ECAHO National advanced CHAMPION Hunter under saddle '23

Allround Dutch CHAMPION Amateur/open DAWRA NK  '23

Dutch CHAMPION Horsemanship amateur/open '23

Dutch CHAMPION Showmanship at halter amateur/open '23
Dutch CHAMPION hunter under saddle amateur/open '23

Allround CHAMPION Amateur DAWRA show Ijzerlo '23

Highpoint CHAMPION '22 - Western showmanship at halter Novice

Highpoint CHAMPION '22 - Western Hunter under saddle Novice

Dutch CHAMPION hunter under saddle beginner '22
reserve allround Champion NK DAWRA beginner '22
1st place AVS dressuur competitie B 2021/2022

Highpoint CHAMPION '21 - Western showmanship at halter Novice

Allround CHAMPION titel - Dawra western fall show beginner'21

Dutch CHAMPION Western showmanship at halter DAWRA beginner '21

Junior CHAMPION 2020 -  Crabbet winter festival

International DAWRA show - 1st place SHH + 3e IHT '20


PR Krystl Prince

JK Catalyst

Yanour Hayati

Victoria II HPS




Elegant Gold

La Margneta Aura

Aurilla Gold

Silver Auriole

Blittersdijk Celerina

Scapino BB




Show/sport resultaten family

Yanour Hayati v. JK Catalyst

Endurance CEI ** (120 km) gekwalificeerd

Winnaar Trophy Best Moving horse C show 2019
Winner (80 km) AVS Endurance competition 2018
Overall winner BEST CONDITION AVS Endurance competition 2018

Gold CHAMPION Hunter pleasure Emerald Trophy (BE) 2016
European Gold CHAMPION Amateur classic ridden Stallions 2015


La Margneta Aura v. Aurilla Gold
Z1 dressuur gekwalificeerd

Nederlands KAMPIOEN B dressuur. (AVS) '16

Endurance Klasse III + 1 wp (80 + km)

Nederlands KAMPIOEN Endurance klasse II '15

Aura's Silvern Nuraij (m. La Margneta Aura)

reserve CHAMPION 2021 - The crabbet organisation Spring festival

1st place youngstock class - The crabbet organisation Spring festival

Junior res. CHAMPION 2020 - The crabbet organisation

1st place foal class - The crabbet organisation

1st place crabbet class - Arab quarantaine show

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