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BA Hamdhani x Waasama's Silvana

 Azibaijirah bint Yusraa

YMJ Azibaijirah bint Yusraa, call sign Azi is bred by YMJ Arabians/Joyce. Since 2019, Azi came to us to be taught under the saddle. Her fine character appealed to us enormously, in 2020 we decided in consultation with her breeder to lease her for a year. Since the end of this year (2020) we can proudly say that Azi can stay and is officially part of our horse family.


Sire, Ba Hamdhani is a son of the stallion Raffael el Than. From this show line there are successful names like Ali Jamaal, Bey Shah, CH El Brillo, El Shaklan. All have produced offspring that do well in the show. You will find Polish, Crabbet, American and Spanish lines in it.


Hamdhani's dam, Baikala Monpelou is a beautiful pure Russian solid mare whose sire is the well-known influential stallion Nadir I. Nadir, like both his parents Neman & Neschi, received the Elite predicate at the AVS. Her grandfather Duval, bred by the Tersk stud, obtained the Keur predicate at the AVS. Duval is a son of the famous stallion Vympel, son of Menes.

Azi's dam, Waasama's Silvana aka Yusraa is a daughter of the Russian stallion Senior, a son of the legendary stallion Komplekt, Komplekt was known for his amazingly powerful movements. Komplekt produced the well-known breeding stallions Krimh and Anthal as a sire in the Netherlands. Via grandma Azila Kayyal you will find a large part of Russian bloodlines, via Fahredda you will find a large part of crabbet blood.

Show/sport results

Klasse III qualified (80+ km)

Endurance Klasse II + 3 wp

B + 7 wp dressage
2nd place AVS dressage competition B 2021/2022

Klasse I + 3 wp endurance


Michelle & Azibaijirah




Jonathan el Ludjin

BA Hamdhani

Raffael el Than

Reza el Bri

Baikala Monpelou

Nadir I

Terciera de Monpelou

Waasamas Silvana




Azila Kayyal


Ja Ma Ra

Aura's  Sport Arabians
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