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About us

Nice of you to take a look! We are Martin & Michelle de Groot and live in a small town called Zuidveld in beautiful Drenthe - The Netherlands.

When Michelle turned 13 she moved with her parents and sisters from the south of the Netherlands to the North where her parents bought 3 Arabian horses, since then Michelle has been completely devoted to this breed. In 2009 she bought her first own arabian, La Margneta Aura aka Jet.

Since 2017, Martin & Michelle's dream to live outside and have horses at home has become a reality. And another dream of Michelle was made reality, namely to start a small-scale breeding/sports stable.



- To distinguish ourselves from the present arabian show breeding by focusing more on breeding Arabian horses with an athletically correct built body, powerful movements and a good workwilling character that can compete at the higher level in various disciplines of equestrian sport. -


Expanding the crabbet bloodlines in the Netherlands, these bloodlines appeal to us enormously because this breed according to the old 'standard' and these horses have proven to excel in several equestrian sport. In addition, these bloodlines are now unique and they form great opportunities for many breeders.

Today, within a large part of the arabian breedings bred mainly for appearance according to the new standard, these horses are showeds where mainly the appearance is judged. The horses are increasingly bred to the extremes on the Arabian appearance such as the well-known 'seahorse' head, unfortunately it is seen that the focus is less on other points and we see more often that these horses have deviant leg / hoof positions, a weaker topline and less powerful movements.


We think it is important to breed strong and correctly built horses, we also find the arabian appearance important, but we do not want to focus on this. For example, in our breeding program we will select the stallions for our mares on the basis of built, performance and character, always looking for improvement.

In the future our young stallion Nuraij will be offered for breeding, we see him as a great unique outcross opportunity for many breeders, given the close inbred in the current bloodlines. There are several reasons to choose for outcross. Sometimes it is necessary to get rid of certain traits that have crept into breeding in an inbreeding or line breeding. They use outcross for that. Within the arabian breed the relationship is large, especially in Europe we see a lot of the same in terms of stallion choice and bloodlines.

In addition to the fact that we are involved in a targeted breeding program, we also find it very important to enter our horses in equestrian sports, for example, they are ridden dressage, western and endurance sports and we strive to participate our horses at a high level. Fun, cooperation and health are paramount here.

It is our wish to find a suitable owner for every horse bred and sold by us, we will look closely at what an owner has to offer the horse and where our horses end up.

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Our place

Our breeding and sports stable is located in the most beautiful area of the provence Drenthe, the landscape  has varied nature reserves with forest. These nature reserves are fantastic for strolling around wonderful km-ers on the horseback.

When entering our driveway you imagine yourself in another time, we enjoy our unique place every day.


- 4 spacious luxury stables of 4 x 3 m.

- 2 sand paddocks 13 x 10 m.

- Shelter stable 8 x 4 m.

- Riding arena 20 x 40 m.

- Roundpen

- Various meadows - 2 hectares available

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